10 – Typeface Sketch

Sketch 4/20 of a mountain silhouette that reminds me of the letter M. Drawn freehand with Sharpie Ultra Fine Point marker.



05 – Typeface Sketch

Sketch 7/20 of “Xi” in Cambria Regular. Letterforms extended beyond the bounding box. Drawn freehand with Staedtler 0.5mm Pigment Liner.


01 – Typeface Sketch

This is the post excerpt.

Although the “E” is a simple letter it proved to be difficult to get the thickness exactly right in addition to the spacing of the arms. The linework was also challenging to get straight, but i’m excited to continue to develop my sketching skills with practice.

Sketch 12/20 of “E” in Helvetica Regular. Sharpie fine point with graphite pencil.