10 – Knolling

The final knoll of all my favourite sketches from COMM 1620!




06 – Knolling

This week I was challenged with knolling 50 items. I found myself struggling to figure out what exactly I could fit 50 of into a photo of without needing to stand on a ladder in order to photograph.

I decided on this bag of trail mix I was munching on at the time and quickly discovered it had 5 different items; cashews, dried cherries, almonds, walnuts and pistachios – all of which I organized into an array of 5×10 alternating rows to create a repeating pattern.


02 – Knolling

For this weeks knolling activity I was tasked with grouping together 20 items that mean something together. I chose to use my sketching materials. The items are comprised of multiple different kinds of items (Pigment liners, pencils, stencils, etc.) grouped accordingly that combine to make up the full arsenal of tools at my disposal.