Helvetica: Clean or Cliché

Helvetica is one of the most widely used typefaces of our time. So much that it appears in everything from logos, documents, advertisements and in film. But has its iconic design become tired and overused?


Signage – Parking Garage Wayfinding


Music – The Life of Pablo by Kanye West


Packaging – Häefele Homeware Products

screen480x480 (4)

Web – Daytum App


Document – Ivan Picelj Monograph

crate and barrel truck © Peter Dawson

Logo – Crate & Barrel

The typeface portrays a crisp, clean and modern image. It’s use for a modern look is widespread throughout design culture and perhaps has led to overuse. This presents designers with a challenge to find a more unique typeface to stay a step ahead of the curve.


Author: Austin Coll

Student studying Information Design at Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB.

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