04 – Yin Yoga

Social Stretch Quest

Level of Discomfort: 4/5 


The second stretch quest of my semester began with me very reluctantly accepting a last minute invitation to a yoga class from my girlfriend Carly. I have never been one for group fitness, or yoga for that matter, but Carly has frequented yoga classes for quite some time and finally insisted that I join her.

Since the summer, every time she asked me to come to a class I had come up with a sneaky way out of it, but I finally decided to bite the metaphorical bullet and give it a try.

I find it somewhat nerve-wracking being in a room with a group of total strangers and having no clue what to do. Though at times I found myself quite confused and totally butchering the poses I found that I eventually was able to relax.

The sound of her singing bells and calming music allowed me for some deep relaxation of both the body and the mind. Although at times I found it difficult to keep myself from bursting out into laughter from listening to some of the hippie-spiritual things she was saying…

All said and done it was a positive experience and I definitely will be looking forward to more sessions in the future, but perhaps with a little more focus on physical stretches and relaxation and a little less on yogi mantras etc.




Author: Austin Coll

Student studying Information Design at Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB.

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