10 – Curiosity Conversation

For my final stretch quest I spoke with a colleague of my father Astrid Gagnier who runs her own communication business. She has done work for numerous clients and has loads of experience in the field of communications.

I met with her and inquired about the roles of an information designer in the communications world and where that might take me.

Her advice was to continue to develop multiple skills in the areas of writing, video, photo, graphic design and it will allow for the most flexibility in future career paths and make me a more qualified and capable candidate for future job positions.


Branding Through Environmental Graphics

Our environment is an important factor in shaping perception. When considering this in the context of a brand it is key to create a unified concept that creates interest and interaction on a multitude of platforms digital and physical. So what are some of the way UX designers can do this?

Take a look at this example of ITG’s offices.


A simplified logo inspires the typography around the space.


The company logo included along with a catchphrase intended to be view as chunks of data that ITG is able to recognize and create meaning out of – A central concept to their brand.



Scannable QR Codes placed strategically around the building allow users to be directed to the company website for further information.

Creating unified spaces that work in both the physical and digital world’s is a powerful branding strategy that can leave a lasting impression on users.

Source: http://enviromeant.com/itg/

Futura: The Timeless Typeface

Designed by Paul Renner and released by Bauer in 1927, Futura’s groundbreaking design inspired many similar followers and has been used heavily since its creation. It’s design is one that has stood the test of time and continues to be used heavily for all sorts of application. So what kind of stuff has Futura appeared on?

Take a look…



From 1930’s advertising to modern fashion, Futura has had a long and distinguished history of readability and modern elegance – a typeface for the future.